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An object-oriented model for rapid prototyping of data path/control systems - a case study.

Machado, R.J.; Fernandes, J.M.; Proenca, A.J.

In: Proc. 9th IFAC Symp. on Information Control in Manufacturing (INCOM'98), 24-26 June 1998, Nancy-Metz, France, Vol. 2, pages 269-274. 1998.

Abstract: The aim of this paper is to present how to use shobi-PN, an object-oriented Petri net model to specify data path/control systems. In a case study, a transputer link adaptor is specified for rapid prototyping by applying the shobi-PN model and the generation of VHDL code for simulation is presented. The case study demonstrates the applicability and the capability of a development process, supported by the use of object-oriented principles to model both the control unit and the data path of complex systems, with a developed CAD tool.

Keywords: VHDL code generation, computer control systems, object modeling techniques, object-oriented Petri nets, rapid prototyping, shobi-PN.

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