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Knowledge representation using fuzzy Petri nets - revisited.

Manoj, T.V.; Leena, J.; Soney, R.B.

In: IEEE Trans. on Knowledge and Data Engineering, Vol. 10, No. 4, pages 666-667. 1998.

Abstract: In the paper entitled ``Knowledge Representation Using Fuzzy Petri Nets'', Chen, Ke, and Chang proposed an algorithm which determines whether there exists an antecedent-consequence relationship from a fuzzy proposition d(s) to proposition d(j) and if the degree of truth of proposition d(s) is given, then the degree of truth of proposition d(j) can be evaluated. The fuzzy reasoning algorithm proposed was found not to be working with all types of data. Here we propose 1) a modified form of the algorithm, and 2) concept of hierarchical Fuzzy Petri Nets for data abstraction.

Keywords: backward arcs, compound transitions, fuzzy reasoning.

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