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Synthesis of synchronous digital systems specified by Petri nets.

Marranghello, N.; Mirkowski, J.; Bilinski, K.

In: Yakovlev, A.; Gomes, L.; Lavagno, L.: Hardware Design and Petri Nets, pages 129-150. Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2000.

Abstract: During the last fifteen years the importance and use of Petri nets as a language for modeling digital systems have greatly increased. Many new computer-aided design tools have been developed that employ Petri nets in the analysis, verification, and synthesis of this sort of hardware. this chapter aims at presenting an overview of the research going on the application of Petri nets to the description of digital systems and the synthesis of hardware from these descriptions.

Keywords: Hardware/Software Co-Design, Petri nets, Synchronous Digital Systems.

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