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Performance Evaluation of a Picture Archiving and Communication System Using Stochastic Activity Networks.

Martinez, R.; Sanders, W.H.; Alsafadi, Y.; Nam, J.; Ozeki, T.; Komatsu, K.

In: Medical Imaging IV: PACS System Design and Evaluation. Proceedings of SPIE, The International Society for Optical Engineering, Vol. 1234 (Conference: 1990, Newport Beach, CA, USA), pages 167-178. Bellingham, WA, USA: International Society for Optical Engineering, 1990.

Abstract: The concept of picture archiving and communication systems is now widely accepted in the medical community. Before such a system can be deployed, an accurate evaluation study must be carried out to estimate its performance characteristics. A novel approach based on stochastic activity networks, a stochastic extension of Petri nets, is useful in this regard. Stochastic activity networks are used to develop a detailed model of the command and image channels. The performance of the system is evaluated under realistic workload conditions.

Keywords: performance evaluation (of) picture archiving (and) communication systems (using) stochastic activity network(s); picture archiving (and) communication system; performance; stochastic activity network; command channels; image channels; medical application.

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