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On the Control Specification of a Flexible Assembly System: Coloured Petri Nets Application.

Mercier des Rochettes, R.; Descotes-Genon, B.; Ladet, P.

In: Congres Automatique 1988, Grenoble, France: Quelle Automatique dans les Industries Manufacturieres, pages 243-252. Paris, France: AFCET, 1988. In French.

Abstract: It is difficult to design flexible manufacturing systems. This is the reason why one needs CAD tools. In this paper, the authors are interested in Petri nets and coloured Petri nets, for they allow not only an easy and precise graphic description, but also they can be used during the life of an application. The authors develop the best way to control such systems and describe the different tools used. A realization of an assembly manufacturing system shows the use of this method.

Keywords: flexible assembly system; flexible manufacturing system; coloured net; CAD tool.

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