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Comparison of different modeling approaches in simulation of programmable logic controllers.

Meunier, P.; Denis, B.; Lesage, J.-J.

In: Proc. IFAC Conf. on Control Systems Design (CSD'2000), 18-20 June 2000, Bratislava, Slovak Republic, pages 305-310. 2000.

Abstract: To design the control of automated systems, the designer must evaluate the performances of various solutions. The presented research deals with the evaluation of distributed control architecture. Colored timed Petri net (CTPN) models are chosen to describe the behaviors of each element of control and Design/CPN simulation tools is used to assess the response times performance. The aim of this paper is to build various programmable logic controller (PLC) behavior models and to select the best according to performance evaluation. Various approaches for the creation of CTPN models are discussed. Some of them are based on synthesis techniques and some are based on identification technique. Finally, a comparison method is presented. It allows the designer to choose the right model for the simulation at the evaluation stage.

Keywords: Design/CPN, colored Petri nets, control system analysis, performance evaluation, programmable logic controllers, simulation tools, timed Petri nets.

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