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TORA: a Petri-Net-Based Tool for Rapid Prototyping of FMS Control Systems and its Application to Assembly.

Micovsky, A.; Sesera, L.; Veishab, M.; Albert, M.

In: Computers in Industry, Vol. 15, No. 4, pages 279-292. December 1990.

Abstract: A discussion is given on the modelling and prototyping of complex FMS control systems. The modelling of a real assembly manufacturing cell with modified coloured Petri nets is outlined. Modified coloured Petri nets are the theoretical background of the tool for rapid prototyping of FMS control systems (TORA). TORA is implemented in the frame-based environment. The control system prototyping with TORA is exemplified on the real assembly manufacturing cell. Finally, experience concerning the application is discussed.

Keywords: TORA, net-based tool (for) prototyping (of FMS control systems); flexible manufacturing system; assembly manufacturing cell; modified coloured net; frame-based environment.

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