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Protecting Mobile Agent Itineraries.

Mir, Joan; Borrell, Joan

In: Mobile Agents for Telecommunication Applications, pages 275-285. Volume 2881 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science --- Springer-Verlag, October 2003.

Abstract: Mobile agents are believed to be playing an important role in future e-commerce systems, offering great flexibility and improved performance. Mobile agents are processes which can autonomously migrate from host to host. The migration path followed by an agent can be abstracted for programming convenience into an itinerary. A flexible structure of itinerary is used in Concordia or Ajanta Agent Systems, using sequence, alternative, and set entries. On the other hand, security is a fundamental precondition for the acceptance of mobile agent systems. Several itinerary protection protocols have been presented for each kind of entry. This paper improves previous solutions proposing a unique general protocol using petri net modeling, providing minimum route information to visited hosts, and strong protection against tampering and itinerary analysis attacks.

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