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Petri Net Web Service.

Miroslav, Havram; Gasevic, Dragan; Damjanovic, Violeta

In: InfoM, No. 8, pages 1-2003. 28-33. Written in Serbian.

Abstract: This paper presents a Petri nets Web Service implementation. Existing Petri net tools are developed like standard desktop applications or Java applets and they have not potency to be used by other applications. In order to obtain interoperability, and enable use on the Semantic web we implemented Petri net simulator in the form of a Web Service. The core of this Web Service is a reusable and extensible component that implements Petri net logic and simulations possibilities. The Web Service is described by WSDL, and can be used by SOAP. This Web Service supports model sharing using Petri Net Markup Language (PNML). In our prototype implementation we supported Upgraded Petri nets that are a Petri net dialect.

Keywords: : Petri Nets; Web Services; Component-based software; XML.

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