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Analysing a mechatronic system with coloured Petri nets.

Moncelet, Gilles; Christensen, Søren; Demmou, Hamid; Paludetto, Mario; Porras, José

In: International Journal on Software Tools for Technology Transfer, Vol. 2, No. 2: Special section on coloured Petri nets, pages 160-167. 1998. ISSN 1433-2779; available at

Abstract: Mechatronic subsystems of cars are examples of hybrid systems. Modelling and simulation of the interactions between continuous and discrete parts are essential to perform dependability evaluation. In this paper we show how it is possible to model a concrete mechatronic system with coloured Petri nets, but the methods used are applicable to a wider range of hybrid systems. The constructed models are simulated to obtain a quantitative dependability evaluation. Qualitative evaluations of the model are obtained using state space analysis.

Keywords: Hybrid systems - Coloured Petri nets - Quantitative and qualitative analysis - State space analysis - Mechatronic systems.

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