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Dependability Evaluation of a Simple Mechatronic System Using Coloured Petri Nets.

Moncelet, Gilles; Christensen, Søren; Demmou, Hamid; Paludetto, Mario; Porras, José

In: CPN, Aarhus, Denmark, 10-12 June 1998 / Jensen, K.: Daimi PB-532: Workshop on Practical Use of Coloured Petri Nets and Design, pages 189-198. Aarhus University, June 1998.

Abstract: Mechatronic automotive systems are hybrid systems. Modelling and simulation of the interactions between continuous and discrete parts is essential to evaluate dependability. In this paper we show how a simple mechatronic system can be modelled in the CPN formalism. Quantitative dependability evaluation is obtained thanks to Monte-Carlo simulation. We use the DesignCPN Occurrence Graph tool to validate the model and make a qualitative analysis of the system.

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