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Feedback Petri Net Control Design in the Presence of Uncontrollable Transitions.

Moody, John O.; Antsaklis, Panos J.; Lemmon, Michael D.

In: Proceedings of the 34th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, pages 905-906. December 1995.

Abstract: This paper describes a computationally efficient method for synthesizing feedback controllers for plants modeled by Petri nets which may contain uncontrollable transitions. The controller, a Petri net itself, computed using the concept of Petri net place invariants, enforces a set of linear constraints on the plant. It is shown how the original set of plant behavioral constraints can be transformed into a new set that will yield a controller which enforces the original constraints without directly influencing any of the uncontrollable transitions. Previous researchers have shown that this constraint transformation can be performed by solving a linear integer programming problem; the method presented in this paper is simpler computationally, but, depending on the structure of the uncontrollable part of the plant, maximal permissiveness may not be guaranteed.

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