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Petri Nets and Simulation: A Tutorial.

Moore, K.E.; Brennan, J.E.

In: Oren, T.I.; Birta, L.G.: Proceedings of the 1995 Summer Computer Simulation Conference, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, July 24-26, 1995, pages 44-50. July 1995.

Abstract: In recent years, there has been a growing interest in using Petri nets (PNs) for simulation. This interest has developed in two directions: from PN practitioners who are looking to simulation for handling large PN models and from simulationists who are intrigued by the PN approach. Unfortunately, although a large body of PN literature exists, very little of it is written with simulation in mind. The purpose of this tutorial is to introduce the broader simulation community to PNs by providing an overview of PN theory and modeling conventions, describing some of the major trends in PN theory, and exploring the relationship between PNs and simulation. The overview of PN theory begins with an informal, intuitive description of PNs, followed by a formal definition. The tutorial concludes with a brief discussion of some available PN simulation tools.

Keywords: Petri nets; simulation.

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