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A modular modeling approach for automated manufacturing systems based on shared resources and process planing using Petri nets.

Morandin, O.; Kato, E.R.R.; Politano, P.R.; Camargo, H.A.; Porto, A.J.V.; Inamasu, R.Y.

In: Proc. IEEE Int. Conf. on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (SMC'2000), 8-11 October 2000, Nashville, TN, Vol. 4, pages 3057-3062. 2000.

Abstract: The modeling of automated manufacturing systems has been studied to cope with the production planning and control problems. Petri nets have been used to model these systems because they provide resources to represent the systems behavior. When the systems are too large or complex, the modeling task is difficult and the elements in the model are too many for a simple understanding and analysis tasks. This paper proposes an approach for modeling these systems in order to minimize the mentioned difficulties. The proposed approach uses Petri nets (PNs) and a modular strategy considering the shared resources and the alternative process planning. Using this approach, a system can be modeled, initially considering the systems elements for the modeling job, and then a modules linking task in order to built the complete model.

Keywords: Petri nets, manufacturing systems, modular modeling, process planning, resource sharing.

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