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Scheduling with Petri Networks.

Morel, Jean-Yves; Bourcerie, Marc; Ferrier, Jean-Louis

In: Petri Net Newsletter No. 44, pages 15-19. Bonn, Germany: Gesellschaft für Informatik (GI), Special Interest Group on Petri Nets and Related System Models, 1993.

Abstract: This paper deals with Petri Networks (PN) applied to scheduling. Only priority-PN and FIFO-PN allow this kind of behaviour, i.e. bypassing the structural conflicts by addition of priorities or by replacement of some places by FIFO (First In First Out) queues. We shall not use priority-PN because of their lack of flexibility and shall concentrate on the FIFO-PN. These PN enable the modelling of a sequencer, but unfortunately, they are inadequate for scheduling colour tasks, mainly because of the complexity of the resulting functions weighting the arcs. This leads us to introduce a new kind of PN combining the advantages of coloured PN and FIFO-PN : the hybrid coloured/FIFO PN. These networks eliminate the difficulty of finding complex functions as in the coloured-PN and easily enable either sequencing or scheduling.

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