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A Review of Synthesis Techniques for Petri Nets.

Mu, Der Jeng; DiCesare, Frank

In: Proceedings of Rensselaer's Second International Conference on Computer Integrated Manufacturing, 1990, Troy, NY, USA, pages 348-355. Los Alamitos, CA, USA: IEEE Comput. Soc. Press, 1990.

Abstract: Research results regarding synthesis techniques for Petri nets are reviewed. These methods can be adopted for modeling parallel and distributed application environments such as automated manufacturing systems. Significant synthesis techniques are discussed. Bottom-up techniques, consisting of merging of places and sharing of simple elementary paths, have the advantage of ease of system description. Top-down methods, including refinement of transitions and refinement of places, have the advantage of viewing the system globally. Automated manufacturing system examples are given to demonstrate the applications of the methods.

Keywords: net synthesis techniques (review); automated manufacturing system; bottom-up, top-down (methods); place merging; transition, place refinement.

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