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Markov Chain Reduction and Analysis of GSPN Models for Task Allocation in Distributed Systems.

Murata, Tadao; Bhatia, R.S.; Shatz, S.M.

In: Microelectronics and Reliability, Vol. 31, No. 4, pages 727-746. 1991.

Abstract: The paper presents a Markov chain (MC) reduction technique for analysis of a certain class of MCs. It requires only O(t) steps. The authors also present a generalized stochastic Petri net (GSPN) model for task allocation in distributed computer systems, where execution and inter-module communication costs are treated as random variables with exponential probability distribution. The MC of this task system falls into a class to which the reduction technique is applicable. As an illustration of the reduction technique, the authors use a GSPN model of the task system to find the mean completion time of the system.

Keywords: Markov chain reduction; generalized stochastic net; task allocation (in) distributed systems; inter-module communication costs; exponential probability distribution; mean completion time.

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