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Recreating Biopathway Databases towards Simulation (Presentation Abstract).

Nagasaki, Masao; Doi, Atsushi; Matsuno, Hiroshi; Miyano, Satoru

In: Computational Methods in Systems Biology (CMSB 2003), Proceedings of the First International Workshop, Rovereto, Italy, February 24-26, 2003, pages 168-169. Volume 2602 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science / C. Priami (Ed.) --- Springer Verlag, February 2003.

Abstract: Genomic Object Net (GON) is a biopathway modeling and simulation platform that employs the originally developed notion, hybrid functional Petri Net with extension (HFPNe) that extends the hybrid functional Petri Net (HFPN), and is developed with JAVA. With this platform, we have succeeded in modeling and simulating glycolytic pathway of E. coli, boundary formation by notch signaling in Drosophila, and apoptosis induced by Fas ligand, etc.

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