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Performance evaluation of an auction-based manufacturing system using colored Petri nets.

Nandula, M.; Dutta, S.P.

In: International Journal of Production Research, Vol. 38, No. 10, pages 2155-2171. 2000.

Abstract: The next generation of manufacturing systems is assumed to be intelligent enough to make decisions and automatically adjust to variations in production demand, shop-floor breakdowns, etc. Auction-based manufacturing is a control strategy in which various intelligent entities in the manufacturing system bid themselves, accept bids and make selections among the bids available based on a heuristic. This paper deals with the simulation modeling and performance evaluation of a push-type auction (negotiation) based manufacturing system embedded in a pull-type production system using colored Petri nets. Three different models of an auction-based manufacturing system have been discussed. This methodology helps in developing systems for real-time control, anticipation of deadlocks, and evaluation of various performance metrics like machine utilization, automated guided vehicle (AGV) utilization, waiting times, work in process (WIP), etc. Various decision-making rules were identified for the real-time control of auction-based manufacturing systems.

Keywords: auction-based manufacturing systems, colored Petri nets, performance evaluation, simulation modeling.

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