The Bibliography and the Newsletter

The Petri Net Bibliography is a service of the Petri Net Newsletter. The bibliography contains all the references that were published in the Newsletter in the previous years. If you subscribe to the Newsletter, you will receive the updates to the bibliography ahead of time in printed form. Also, the Newsletter contains technical articles and announcements of important events.

The Newsletter is edited by Jörg Desel, Kurt Lautenbach, Gabriel Juhás (executive editor), Karsten Schmidt, Peter Kemper, Peter H. Starke, Ekkart Kindler (executive editor), Rüdiger Valk. It is published by the group FG 0.0.1 (Petri Nets and Related System Models) of the GI.

An order form is available online in PDF format. Alternatively the order form is included on the last page of the Newsletter.