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On liveness of extended partially ordered condition nets.

Ohta, A.; Tsuji, K.; Hisamura, T.

In: IEICE Trans. on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences, Vol. E82-A, No. 11, pages 2576-2578. 1999.

Abstract: Petri net is an efficient model for concurrent systems. Liveness is one of analysis properties of Petri net. It concerns with potential fireability of transitions. Many studies have been done on liveness of Petri nets and subclasses are suggested with liveness criteria. In this paper, extended partially ordered condition (EPOC) net is suggested and its liveness is studied. Equivalence of liveness and place-liveness is derived. Analysis using siphon and traps are done. Liveness under the earliest firing rule, where transition must fire as soon as it is enabled, is also studied.

Keywords: Petri nets, liveness property, siphons, traps.

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