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Combining Compositionality and Concurrency. Summary of a GMD-Workshop, Königswinter, March 1988.

Olderog, E.-R.; Goltz, U.; van Glabbeek, R.

Arbeitspapiere der GMD No. 320. St. Augustin: Gesellschaft für Mathematik und Datenverarbeitung mbH, 1988.

Abstract: The workshop dealt with the following topics: Composition operators for nets and other non-interleaving models; equivalence and abstraction in non-interleaving models; comparison of existing approaches for non-interleaving semantics of CCS/CSP/ACP; axiomatisation of operators for concurrency and non-determinism; problems that need a non-interleaving or partial order semantics to be described faithfully or to be handled; logics for non-interleaviong models. The report contains the abstracts of the talks and a bibliography on the theme of the workshop.

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