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Rapid Prototyping of Sequential Controllers With Petri Nets.

Orth, Philipp; Bollig, Alexander; Abel, Dirk

In: 16th IFAC World Congress, 3.-8. July 2005, Prague, Czech Republic, Preprints (DVD), Paper 2975. July 2005.

Abstract: This paper focuses on the possibilities of a Petri net based rapid control prototyping (RCP) tool chain. P/T nets extended by interfaces and connected to an extended state model allow the description of typical programmable logic controller tasks. After a general introduction to RCP, the method is applied to the area of sequential control, and code generation for the chosen model is depicted. The paper closes with an example for a tool chain, demonstrated by system simulation and Soft-ware--in--the--Loop for a subsystem of a flexible manufacturing system in an industrial fieldbus environment.

Keywords: discrete-event systems; Petri nets; hybrid; modelling; simulation; prototyping; programmable logic controller; sequential control.

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