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Algebraic High-Level Net Transformation Systems.

Padberg, Julia; Ehrig, H.; Ribiero, L.

In: Mathematical Structures in Computer Science, Vol. 5, pages 217-256. 1995.

Abstract: The concept of algebraic high-level net transformations combines two important lines of research recently introduced in the literature: algebraic high-level nets and high-level replacement systems. In both cases a categorical formulation of the corresponding theory has turned out to be highly important and is also a good basis for the integration of these concepts in this paper. Algebraic high-level nets combine Petri nets with algebraic specifications and provide a powerful specificationtechnique for distributed systems including data types and processes. The application of high-level replacement systems to algebraic high-level nets leads to algebraic high-level net transformation systems. These allow to build up algebraic high-level nets frome basic components and to transform the net structure using rules. We are able to show that gebraic high-level net transformation systems satisfy several important compatibility properties.

Keywords: Algebraic Nets; High-Level Nets; Transformation; Structuring Techniques; Category Theory.

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