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Fuzzy timed Petri nets.

Pedrycz, Witold; Camargo, Heloisa

In: Fuzzy Sets and Systems, Volume 140, Issue 2 , 1 December 2003, pages 301-330. Elsevier, December 2003.

Abstract: The study is concerned with a new temporal version of fuzzy Petri nets - fuzzy timed Petri nets (ftPNs). These nets are augmented by temporal fuzzy sets that allow for the representation of timing effect (e.g., aging of information). We show how the time factor can be added as an integral part of the models of transitions and places. The formalism of the extended net is introduced and studied in depth. A series of illustrative examples are presented with intent of developing a better qualitative insight into the temporal behavior of the nets. A detailed learning scheme for the net is also given.

Keywords: Fuzzy Petri nets; Timed fuzzy Petri nets; Classifiers; Learning; Information relevance.

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