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An Example of Switched System Analysis via Symbolic Dynamics and Petri Nets.

Peleties, Ph.; DeCarlo, R.

In: Proceedings of 32nd IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, San Antonio, Texas, USA. 1993.

Abstract: Hybrid systems consist of interacting decision-makers/supervisors and continuous/discrete system dynamics. The decision-maker monitors the continuous/discrete-time system and supervises/controls its behavior. This paper illustrates the control and modeling of the macroscopic behavior of a 3-switched system (3 possible system structures) via the supervisory control of a symbolic dynamics representation of the underlying system. By partitioning the system state space into regions compatible with a topologically conjugate set of symbolic dynamics, a Petri Net model is developed for reachability analysis of the system; finally a Petri Net based supervisor is developed for moving the system from one region of the state space to another.

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