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On Approximate Performance Evaluation of Manufacturing Systems Modelled with Weighted T-Systems.

Pérez-Jiménez, C.J.; Campos, J.; Silva, M.

In: IEEE-SMC Multiconference on Computational Engineering in Systems Applications (CESA'96), Lille, France: Proceedings of the IMACS, pages 201-207. July 1996.

Abstract: Approximate throughput computation of a class of discrete event systems (DES) modelled with stochastic weighted T-systems is considered. Stochastic weighted T-systems are the weighted extension of well known stochastic marked graphs Petri net subclass and are usually presented as a useful model to deal with bulk consumptions or productions of resources in manufacturing systems working on a cyclic basis. The iterative response time approximation technique that we present is deeply based on a previous structural decomposition and aggregation of the net model. Experimental results on several examples generally have and error of less than 5%. The state space is usually reduced by more than one order of magnitude; therefore, the analysis of otherwise intractable systems is possible.

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