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Approximate Throughput Computation of a Class of Cooperating Sequential Processes.

Pérez-Jiménez, C.J.; Campos, J.; Silva, M.

In: Proceedings of the Rensselaer's Fifth International Conference on Computer Integrated Manufacturing and Automation Technology (CIMAT'96), Grenoble, France, pages 382-389. May 1996.

Abstract: We concentrate on a family of Discrete Event Dynamic Systems (DEDS), modelled with Petri nets and obtained from a simple modular design principle, that include in a controlled way primitives to deal with concurrency, decisions, synchronization, blocking, and bulk movements of jobs. Many assembly systems with complex behaviours at the machine level can be described with the class of DEDS under study.

We present a structure based decomposition technique and use a fixed-point search iterative process based on response time preservation of subsystems to approximate the throughput. An extensive battery of numerical experiments has shown that the error is less than 3%, and that the state space is usually reduced by more than one order of magnitude.

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