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Knowledge based systems application to implement Petri net models of discrete time systems.

Perkusich, A.; Barros, T.C.; Perkusich, M.L.; Barbalho, D.S.; de Figueiredo, J.C.A.

In: IFAC Workshop, Vienna, Austria, 27-29 May, 1991: Dependability of Artificial Intelligence Systems (DAISY 91), Proceedings of the IFIP WG 5 4, pages 221-235. Amsterdam, New York: North-Holland, 1991.

Abstract: This paper presents a knowledge based approach to implement the command, at coordination level, of a discrete time system modeled by Petri nets. A hierarchical systematic and structured approach to model the system is presented. This approach uses the Petri nets invariants to validate and guide the model construction based on functional specification. A methodology to derive a knowledge based system direct from the incidence matrix of the Petri net is also presented. This knowledge based system may be used to implement a discrete time controller that will be very flexible in the sense of alteration and maintenance

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