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Developing a Formal Specification for the Mission System of a Maritime Surveillance Aircraft.

Petrucci, Laure; Billington, Jonathan; Kristensen, Lars M.; Qureshi, Zahid H.

In: Third International Conference on Application of Concurrency to System Design (ACSD'03), Guimar„es, Portugal, pages 92-101. IEEE, June 2003.

Abstract: The mission system of an aircraft is a complex real-time distributed system consisting of a mission control computer, different kinds of devices interconnected by a number of serial data buses. The complexity and real-time requirements of mission systems have motivated research into the application of formal techniques to investigate and predict the effects of upgrades on mission system behaviour. This paper reports on a joint research project between the University of South Australia and Australia's Defence Science and Technology Organisation. In previous work we modelled a generic avionics mission system with Coloured Petri Nets and analysed the model using state spaces. Here, we describe how this model was refined and modified to obtain a Coloured Petri Net model for the AP-3C Orion maritime surveillance aircraft.

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