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Towards Formal Specification and Analysis of Avionics Mission Systems.

Petrucci, L.; Kristensen, L. M.; Billington, J.; Qureshi, Z. H.

In: Conferences in Research and Practice in Information Technology, Vol.12, Workshop on Formal Methods Applied to Defence Systems, pages pp.95-104. 24-25 June 2002. Australian Computer Society Inc., Adelaide.

Abstract: The avionics mission system of an aircraft is a complex real-time system consisting of a mission control computer, sensors, displays, controls, and connecting data buses. The complexity of real-time requirements of avionics mission systems represent major challenges to the Australian Defence Force when upgrading and maintaining aircraft. This has motivated research into the application of formal techniques to investigate and predict the effects of upgrades to aircraft. This paper is based on a joint research project between the University of South Australian and the Australian Defence Science and Technology Organisation into the modelling and analysis of avionics mission systems. Coloured Petri Nets have been applied for modelling a representative generic avionics mission system, and state spaces have been used for analysis. The initial state space analysis has focused on the scheduling of tasks on the mission control computer and on input/output processing.

Keywords: Avionics mission systems; validation and verification; real-time systems; Coloured Petri Nets.

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