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A Framework for Airborne Mission Systems Research.

Qureshi, Zahid; Billington, Jonathan; Aziz, S. Mahfuz

In: Proc. of the 10th Australian International Aerospace Congress: Century of Aerospace, 29 July - 1 August 2003, pages 10-pp.. July 2003. Engineers Australia, , Brisbane, Australia, (CD Rom).

Abstract: The Australian Defence Force has experience problems in the acquisition, upgrade and through-life support of airborne electronic mission systems, leading to cost and schedule overruns. Major problems concern the integration of a large number of relatively different components and subsystems, and that of achieving an overall optimised and operationally effective system. This has motivated research on the development of a framework, including techniques and tools, for the characterisation and evaluation of mission system architectures. The approach is to use formal (mathematically-based) methods for system modelling to ensure a sound scientific basis for predicting future behaviour of upgrades or new mission systems. This paper provides a summary of our previous research activities, their status and future work.

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