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Scheduling timed marked graphs with resources: a serial method.

Richard, P.

In: Proc. 9th IFAC Symp. on Information Control in Manufacturing (INCOM'98), 24-26 June 1998, Nancy-Metz, France, Vol. 2, pages 417-422. 1998.

Abstract: The paper studies a scheduling problem based on marked graph with resource constraints (MGR). This class of Petri nets is obtained by merging marked graph subsets with mutual exclusion subnets. MGR can define very general problems since the resource-constrained project scheduling problem can be easily modeled with MGRs. As a consequence, the MGR scheduling problem is strongly NP-hard. A serial method for building a finite schedule is proposed. This method first computes indicators on tasks without resource constraints. These values are then used by a dispatching rule while playing the token game.

Keywords: production systems, resource constraints, scheduling algorithms, timed marked graphs.

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