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Nets of Places and Links: a Coherent Presentation of Petri Nets for System Modeling.

Richter, G.; Heuser, C.A.

90: Report No. 128, pages 1-29 pp.. Porto Alegre, RS, Brasil: Universidade Federal Do Rio Grande Do Sul (UFRGS), CPGCC, July 1990.

Abstract: Results of an effort to develop a uniform presentation of Petri Nets are described. Nets are introduced as consisting of places and links. A link connects places and forms a branch with each of them. The expressive power of nets is enhanced by introducing labels for branches, places and links. Labels with a formal semantics are introduced yielding nets with correspond to occurrence nets and C/E-systems. Altering branches are complemented by restoring branches reflecting the notions of side condition and inhibitor arc. The obtained nets called nets for condition/event modeling (CEM nets) can be used as compact models comprising strict Predicate/Transition Nets and Coloured Petri Nets.

Keywords: net (of) place(s) (and) link(s); modelling (of systems); label (for) branch(es), place(s), link(s); semantics; occurrence net; condition/event system; restoring branch; side condition; inhibitor arc; condition/event modelling net; predicate/transition net; coloured net.

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