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Electronic System Design Automation using High Level Petri Nets.

Rokyta, Patrick; Fengler, Wolfgang; Hummel, Thorsten

In: Workshop for Hardware Design and Petri Nets, Lisboa, June 22-26, 1998, pages 129-138. 1998.

Also in: Yakovlev, A.; Gomes, L.; Lavagno, L.: Hardware Design and Petri Nets, pages 193-204. Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2000.

Abstract: A design and implementation methodology for system specification, modelling and implementation using a special kind of high level Petri nets is described. Electronic system design automation tools are used to generate synthesizable VHDL code from a Petri net model. For the design of large systems with regular structures using of coloured Petri nets will improve the handling and flexibility. Two design examples illustrate the described methodology.

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