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Petri Net Modelling of PARSE Designs.

Russo, S.; Savy, C.; Jelly, I.; Collingwood, P.

In: Bougé, L.; Fraigniaud, P.; Mignotte, A.; Robert, Y.: Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 1123: Euro-Par'96, Parallel Processing, Second Int. Euro-Par Conference, Lyon, France, August 1996, Volume I, pages 752-761. Springer-Verlag, 1996.

Abstract: PARSE is a staged object-based design methodology for parallel and distributed software systems. In the highest stage, a graphical notation is used to describe the system components (objects) and their interconnections. In the subsequent stage, the designer introduces the behaviour of the objects, by means of a textual notation. This paper shows a mechanical transformation of the textual representation of a PARSE design into a complete Petri net model. This supports the integration of formal analysis techniques into the early stage of the software development process, and provides a formal semantics for the design notation.

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