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Der Boolesche Differentialkalkül - eine Methode zur Analyse und Synthese von Petri-Netzen.

Scheuring, R.; Wehlan, H.

In: Automatisierungstechnik - at, Vol. 39, No. 7, pages 226-233. July 1991. In German.

Abstract: Petri nets are a suitable means for modelling and simulation of discrete event systems. Petri net models of discrete event systems may also be described by Boolean differential equations with Boolean constraints, in order to analyse them subsequently by means of suitable Lagrange functions as well as with subspace analysis methods. In this way Petri nets or discrete event systems may be investigated analogously to continuous system theory.

Keywords: boolean differential calculus (for) net analysis and synthesis; discrete event system; Lagrange function; subspace analysis method.

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