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A Petri-net-based methodology for the design of deadlock-free control structures.

Seiche, W.; Abel, D.; Rake, H.

In: ESS'90, Intelligent Process Control and Scheduling, Discrete Event Systems, Proceedings of the 1990 European Simulation Systems, Society for Computer Simulation International, Ghent, Belgium, November 8-10, 1990, pages 182-186. 1990.

Abstract: This paper shows, how Petri-nets can be applied to the analysis of discretely controlled systems and to the design of appropriate control structures. The design methodology allows the correction of deficient dynamic properties. The presented graph theoretical methods for net analysis can prove the three dynamic properties deadlock freeness, lifeness, and repeatability. Subsequently it is investigated how the net has to be modified, if the analysis has pointed out an undesired dynamic behaviour. This modification can be viewed as the net-image of a control extension that achieves the desired properties

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