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Toward a formal specification of multimedia synchronization scenarios.

Senac, P.; Diaz, M.; Saqui-Sannes, P.

In: Annales des Telecommunications - Annals of Telecommunications, Vol. 49, No. 5-6, pages 297-314. 1994.

Abstract: This paper introduces time stream Petri nets (TStreamPN), a model for the formal specification of multimedia synchronization scenarios. This new model extends time Petri nets to formally describe the timed behavior of multimedia objects and streams in asynchronous distributed systems. The proposed approach uses time intervals to label the arcs exiting from the places of the net, and typed transitions to define different firing rules. This model allows a complete and accurate specification of synchronization constraints between multimedia streams and can be used at different levels of granularity.

Keywords: TStreamPN, formal description techniques, multimedia synchronization models, stream Petri nets, transport layer.

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