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Hierarchical Time Stream Petri Net: a Model for Hypermedia Systems.

Senas, P.; de Saqui-Sannes, P.; Willrich, R.

In: Proceeding of the 16th International Conference on Application and Theory of Petri Nets, Turin, June 1995., pages 451-470. 1995.

Abstract: The paper proposes a new class of timed Petri nets for the specification of temporal constraints and description of logical behaviour in distributed hypermedia systems. In particular, hierarchical design capabilities are added to the time Steam Petri Net model developed for the specification of multimedia scenarios. The new model is named HTSPN, and its enhanced firing rules give a precise semantic to those synchronization mechanisms usually encountered in hypermedia systems. Both temporal and logical synchronization are considered and can be combined into powerful synchronization schemes. User interactions and other asynchronous events are straightforwardly modeled in HTSPN.

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