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An Application of Petri Net Reduction for Ada Tasking Deadlock Analysis.

Shatz, S.M.; Tu, S.; Murata, Tadao; Duri, S.

In: IEEE Trans. on Parallel and Distributed Systems, Vol. 7, No. 12, pages 1309-1324. December 1996.

Abstract: As part of our continuing research on using Petri nets to support automated analysis of Ada tasking behavior, we have investigated the application of Petri net reduction for deadlock analysis. Although reachability analysis is an important method to detect deadlocks, it is in general inefficient or even intractable. Net reduction can aid the analysis by reducing the size of the net while preserving relevant properties. We introduce a number of reduction rules and show how they can be applied to Ada nets, which are automatically generated Petri net models of Ada tasking. We define a reduction process and a method by which a useful description of a detected deadlock state can be obtained from the reduced net's information. A reduction tool and experimental results from applying the reduction process are discussed.

Keywords: Ada tasking, deadlock analysis, Petri nets, net reduction, reachability analysis,.

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