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Formal Modeling and Automated Analysis of the LAPD Protocol.

Shatz, S.M.; Kajka, P.S.; Chauhan, A.S.

In: Computer Networks and ISDN Systems, Vol. 18, No. 4, pages 293-314. May 1990.

Abstract: For data link control and communication the integrated services digital network (ISDN) uses a protocol called LAPD (link access procedure D). LAPD evolved from LAPB and is a subset of HDLC, with some extensions. The authors present and discuss Petri net models of some important LAPD procedures. They also discuss the use of some general purpose tools for automated analysis. They describe the communication between two entities as defined by LAPD and then they discuss their Petri net models.

Keywords: formal modelling; automated analysis (of the) LAPD protocol; ISDN; integrated services digital network; communication protocol; data link control; link access procedure.

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