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Specification, safety and reliability analysis using stochastic Petri net models.

Sheldon, F.T.; Greiner, S.; Benzinger, M.

In: Proc. 10th Int. Workshop on Software Specification and Design (IWSSD'2000), 5-7 November 2000, San Diego, CA, pages 123-132. 2000.

Abstract: This paper focuses on the specification and assessment of stochastic Petri net (SPN) models to evaluate the design of an embedded system for reliability and availability. The system provides dynamic driving regulation (DDR) to improve vehicle drivability (anti-slid, anti-slip and steering assist). A functional SPN abstraction was developed for each of the three subsystems that incorporate mechanics, failure modes/effects and model parameters. The models are solved in terms of the subsystem and overall system reliability and availability. Four sets of models were developed. The first three sets include subsystems representations for the TC (Traction Control), AB (Antilock Braking) and ESA (Electronic Steering Assistance) systems. The last set combines these systems into one large model. The paper summarizes the general approach and provides sample Petri net graphs and reliability charts that were used to evaluate the design of the DDR in parts and as a whole.

Keywords: availability evaluation, embedded systems, reliability evaluation, stochastic Petri nets.

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