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Modeling of Fault-Tolerant Techniques in Hierarchical Systems.

Shieh, Y.B.; Ghosal, D.; Tripathi, S.K.

In: FTCS 19: Proceedings of The Nineteenth International Sympsoium on Fault-Tolerant Computing, 1989, Chicago, IL, USA, pages 167-174. Washington, DC, USA: IEEE Comput. Soc. Press, 1989.

Abstract: The authors consider both centralized and distributed fault-tolerant schemes. Based on stochastic Petri net models, they investigate the performance of these two approaches. In the case of decentralized fault tolerance, they consider two different checkpointing strategies. In the first scheme, called the arbitrary checkpointing strategy, each process does its checkpointing independently; as a result, there is the possibility of domino effect. In the planned strategy, checkpointing is done in a manner which ensures that there is no domino effect.

Keywords: modelling (of) fault-tolerant technique; hierarchical system; stochastic net; performance; checkpointing strategy; domino effect.

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