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A Formal Service Specification for IIOP based on ISO/IEC 14752.

Singh, A.; Billington, J.

In: WG6.1 5th International Conference on Formal Methods for Open Object-Based Distributed Systems: Formal Methods for Open Object-based Distributed Systems (FMOODS 2002), IFIP TC6, pages 111-125. 20-22 March 2002. Enschede, The Nertherlands.

Abstract: The Internet Inter-ORB Protocol (IIOP) supports the interworking of Object Request Brokers (ORBs) over TCP/IP. This paper creates a service specification for IIOP by combining three interworking facilities identified in ISO/IEC 14752. This is formalised using Coloured Petri nets, which are used to generate the set of global primitive sequences of the IIOP service.

Keywords: IIOP; CORBA; ODP; Coloured Petri Nets; Service Specification.

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