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On Supercomputer Modelling and Analysis Using an Advanced Petri Net.

Sivanandan, K.S.; Garg, K.; Nanda, N.K.

In: ICS 87. Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Supercomputing, 1987, San Francisco, CA, USA: Supercomputing'87; Vol. 3, pages 324-331. St.Petersburg, FL, USA: Int. Supercomputing Inst., 1987.

Abstract: The paper deals with the modelling and analysis of a typical instruction chaining and execution unit of a supercomputer, using a recently developed advanced Petri net (APN). The APN is a generalization of existing Petri nets, with their most useful features incorporated in it to make it a versatile modelling and analysis tool. To illustrate its use in modelling, an example of instruction chaining in the CRAY-1 supercomputer has been chosen. All aspects of the chaining unit can be readily and effectively modelled by the APN. Analysis of the net is undertaken to do the performance evaluation of the unit in terms of the execution time of the instruction chain.

Keywords: supercomputer modelling; advanced net; CRAY-1 supercomputer; instruction chaining; performance evaluation; vector processing.

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