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Data Flow Simulation in Quadtree Multiprocessor Kernels.

Smith, D.W.; Bourbakis, N.G.

In: Willumsen, M.; et al.: Proceedings of the Nineteenth Annual Pittsburgh Conference on Modeling and Simulation, 1988, Pittsburgh, PA (USA), pages 1069-1076. Pittsburgh, PA: University of Pittsburgh, COGLAC, 1988.

Abstract: Two quadtree multiprocessor kernels are presented. These quadtree kernels are being designed for optimized, real-time multiprocessor vision systems. The optimization takes place in the processor to processor communication. Two types of communication are explored: I. Asynchronous shared bus and II. Memory to memory multiple bus. Each type of processor communication is modeled using Petri-nets.

Keywords: data flow simulation; multiprocessor kernel; computer graphics; bus; memory management.

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