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A Modular Approach for the Validation of Communication Protocols Using FIFO Nets.

Souissi, Y.

In: Proc. of Xth Int. Symp. on Protocol Specification, Verification and Testing. June 1990.

Abstract: The article focusses on the modular validation of parallel systems by composition of fifo nets via transitions. Compatibility relations between the two fifo nets to be comsposed are required. TS-compatibility is a relation which is shown to be sufficient for establishing that liveness and boundedness of a fifo net imply these properties of the fifo nets from which it is obtained by composition. TB-compatibility is sufficient for establishing that liveness of the fifo nets to be composed imply liveness of the global net. A structural analysis is done in order to find sructural constraints which imply TM-compatibility (TS-compatibility and TB-compatibility).

Keywords: modular validation (of) communication protocol(s) (using) FIFO net(s); parallel system; FIFO net composition; TS-compatibility, TB-compatibility, TM-compatibility; liveness; boundedness.

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