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An Application of Petri Nets in FMS Modeling, Analysis, and Control.

Srihari, K.; Cecil, J.A.; Emerson, C.R.

In: Fisher, E.; et al.: Proceedings of Manufacturing International'90; Conference 1990, Atlanta, GA, USA; Vol. 1, pages 107-111. New York, NY, USA: ASME, 1990.

Abstract: Petri nets (PNs) are used in the modeling of concurrent and synchronous activities in a manufacturing system. This paper discusses an application of PNs in manufacturing. The research described focuses on PN use in the modeling and analysis of a working FMS. The FMS that is considered is described in detail. The systematic procedure used in the modeling and analysis of the FMS through PN use is described. The need and the advantages of using PNs at different levels of abstraction are identified.

Keywords: net application (in) flexible manufacturing systems; abstraction level.

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