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The Electronic Tool Integration Platform.

Steffen, Bernhard; Braun, V.; Margaria, T.

In: Weber, Ehrig, Reisig (Eds.): Proc. of 2nd Int. Coll. on Petri Net Technologies for Modelling Communication Based Systems, pages 21-32. DFG Research Group "Petri Net Technology", September 2001.

Abstract: Recent experiences reveal that most industrially relevant problems are out of range of analysis and verification tools based on a single method. Rather, heterogeneous tools are required that comprise a number of different (formal) methods like eg. theorem proving, model checking, abstract interpretation, term rewriting, ... The talk will focus on the ETI-Project, which is intended to provide a forum where tool builders and tool users can interact and experiment with tools in the context of the available tool repository.Main aims are(1) to integrate state-of-the-art tools into an experimentation environment, and (2) to individuate and evaluate adequacy, benefits and drawbacks of the various methods and tools as well as application profiles of their combination. ETI is designed to support the practical, fielded evaluation of stand-alone tools as well as of large heterogeneous systems. This activity comprises the rapid prototyping of large heterogeneous analysis and verification systems on a coarse grain level: these constitute a concrete basis for the investigation of the interoperability and mutual support of the component methods and tools. Tool evaluation and comparison are planned to be supported by libraries of benchmarks, in particular including industrial examples,which are representative of the profiles of typical real life problems.

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